Friday, June 12, 2015

Support System

Entering motherhood, does not mean you get to judge other mothers. Whether they decided to breastfeed their children (if you are against it) or if they decided to give formula to their babies or supplement their babies with formula. Instead, mothers should support other mothers. Let them know that whatever you do, you are sure that they are trying their best to give the ultimate best for their children. We don't know what are their situations, or maybe how hard their problems are, we mothers should support.

Yes, breastfeeding is good. MasyaAllah, it is very good. It is stated in the Quran that breastmilk is the best. But not all mothers are gifted with lots of milk. They tried, they failed. Let us not burden them with our judging even further if they opt for formula milk. It is better than letting the baby starve, isn't it? On the other hand, if the mother decided to breastfeed, don't say stuff like your kid is not getting enough milk and such. Give them your support (but sometimes I find it annoying with the exaggerated support -.-"" ) and say that they can do it, don't give up just yet.

Well, for me, I asked for the opposite. I asked my husband to support if I wanted to supplement with formulas and want him to understand that it has been hard on me sometimes. Knowing that I can opt for formulas anytime makes me keep on going breastfeeding. Weird? I know. haha I asked my mom whether it is okay to give formula and she supports any decision I make. It is fine to supplement for formulas for a number of feedings. It is NOT A POISON for goodness sake.

Mothers out there sometimes in a way saying that formula milk are poisonous and that you should not give them to your babies. It is heartbroken for mothers who really want to give the best they can and sort of failed in doing her job as a mother when mothers have that kind of perspective.

I felt like we mothers need a strong support system. and not judging or bashing other mothers on what we THINK is right without thinking their situation/problems. I love to read forums on mothers supporting other new mothers and make them feel good about themselves. We need it sometimes. To know we are trying to do our job as perfect as possible for our little one. In the end, it all goes to our children, isn't it? That is what matters the most.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

3 months!

In a blink of an eye, my baby Yusuf is now 3 months old. He is discovering a lot of things right now. Now, he is starting to turn from back to his tummy. well, almost. but he sure never gives up. sampai terteleng-teleng kepala :D . Now, he likes to put his fist into his mouth. well, he started doing that when he was 2 months and 2 weeks old. Now, he can interact more. Easily smiling when we talk or even just look at him. Now, he discover he has a very loud voice. So when he cries, fuhh sakit telinga :D

All and all, I love to discover what he can do or what he is going to do every single day. Breastfeeding now has become a breeze. It's just now, he likes to turn his head around when it is feeding time -- away from my breast -.- Lenguh tangan. Only problem with breastfeeding is .. when I want to go out from the house. without Yusuf, especially. I did not keep any ebm stock in the fridge because he is always wants susu every 2 hours. and I get pretty tired to pump in between. Sometimes he doesn't even sleep after feeding. Wants to play, to be held. By the time I want to pump, he wants his susu already. Tandem pumping is hard when Yusuf likes to move around.

So whenever I need to go out, I need to plan ahead. No last minute plan! -.-"

Sunday, April 12, 2015

No one told me..

Entering into this motherhood at the age of 24, I don't know what to expect. Yes, everyone told me it is hard, raising a child.

The first night with my baby boy, I understand that I need to feed him on demand. Almost every hour he wakes up. It was challenging to wake up and to feed him when I know there are not much to drink from my boobs -.- Tapi, kuasa Allah itu besar. He knows that mothers won't have much milk at the beginning and so the baby only requires a little to drink. But I was tensed up at the beginning. No one told me that I need to buy breast pump like way before the baby comes. Need to stimulate milk production faster.

I was determined (Still am) to breastfeed my baby. Maybe not till 2 years old. But till 6 months old. And my goodness, it is hard. Hard when I don't have much milk to produce. But it is still early. I really want to stock up on EBM, but my baby is hungry every hour. So much to do, so little time! Frankly, I am quite jealous to see mothers with their 10oz milk in a single pumping session -- like, how do they get that!?! I really need to get that amount to be able to leave my baby when I need to.

No one told me how to breastfeed your baby when you want to go out. Well, of course you can find the baby room etc but what if there are no baby room? Breastfeed in public? Using nursing cover? I tried using the nursing cover and my goodness, troublesome. I ended up being inside the nursing cover with my baby haha -.-"

Okay at least I know that the baby will going to wake up every hour throughout the night. Luckily I breastfeed my baby. Saves up time at night. No need to go to the kitchen to make his milk. I also can relax with one hand breastfeed him and another watching korean drama on my phone hehe

One thing I realized, never judge a mother who either breastfeed or give formula or both to their baby. It is a choice. A choice mother makes for their baby. Who knows, rezeki susu tak ada or the baby simply does not want mother's milk or something.

p/s: Blogging while my baby is beside me -- talking to himself hehe

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pregnancy Journey: 38 weeks // My labour story

It was my usual weekly checkup. 2 weeks before doctor told me that I will be induced few days earlier from my due date. But as it turns out, a week earlier.

So at my apparently last checkup, doctor said I was already 2 cm dilated. I did not feel any contractions at all. Just normal frequent tightening. Doctor asked me to come back to the hospital that night, after dinner and will get induced. One of the reasons was the baby is big already and scared if the baby gets bigger, it will be harder for me.

So, after Isya', we went straight for registration, get into our room and around 12 am, I was induced. That time, I felt the contractions. Now I know how contractions feel like haha Felt it every 10 minutes and coming in faster every 5 minutes. Until 4.30am.

So at 4.30 am, the nurse came in and said the anesthetic surgeon is here and suggested that I take the epidural (which I requested way before), before the surgeon went back home. So I went into the labour room that morning.

To wait for it to be dilated is a long long time. People said to be dilated 1 cm = 1 hour. So I expect to be dilated 9cm around 4 pm that day.

The epidural procedure was normal. Fast and alhamdulillah, it was okay. Painful for just a second. I have to bend my back and lay my head on my husband's shoulder as he supports my body. After around 30 minutes or less, the epidural starts kicking in. They put mild dose at first and will build up the dose as and when I want it.

2 cm still at 9 am in the morning. Doctor gave in more dose to stimulate my contractions. and That time, the contractions I still can feel it. mild but it was rather painful. I asked the nurse to increase my epidural hehe Then doctor came in again to rupture my membrane.

Around 11 am, I was 9cm dilated. My legs were so very numb. I couldn't even lift up my leg. Definitely could not go to the bathroom. The nurse had to do it for me.

My parents arrived from Johor the day before and they came to the hospital early in the morning.

After experiencing wrong techniques of pushing and right one after that, my baby boy is born at 11.57am on 4th March 2015 :) Alhamdulillah. An experience I won't forget. Thank god for epidural. hehe

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Home Renovation

The house is almost 90% done. I am in the middle of decorating the house and it drives me crazy to go to home decor outlets. There are so many pretty things but not enough space for it haha

Went to Kaison the other day and went crazy. Bought their cushion covers; not so many pretty designs but able to get my hands on the best 4 designs there is. Went to H&M Home and bought myself stripey rug and a throw.

The kitchen is still in the middle of clearing up. I am still waiting for the wardrobe and cabinet to arrive. Then only I can really sort out the boxes.

Living room curtain arrived the other day. And I just love it! Simple and exactly what we wanted it to be. We went to a shop in Bangi; there are a lot of shops in Bangi -- you name it! The price is reasonable and considered cheap including the transportation and installation etc.

I am trying my best to get it all done before the baby pops out! I am in my 35 weeks and hopefully to be done by 37/38 weeks. Who knows, the baby might wants to the see world early :D

Monday, January 19, 2015

Pregnancy Journey : 31 weeks

I had my 31 weeks check up last week and the baby is doing fine. Healthy and active, Alhamdulillah. I mentioned to my doctor that my right side is aching and all and it is normal as the baby grows. Every time I went to see the doctor, it will always a rather short consultation and see the baby's condition.

My doctor will measure the size of the baby's head, abdomen, and the bone in his thigh. The size of the baby is above normal line -- in other words, it is bigger than it should. Nothing bad about it but I have to take it easy with the eating and all. Scared that the baby will be too big :O

Current weight: 2.1 kg
Size: 32 weeks

I will have to start seeing the doctor twice a month now. The due is getting nearer. And the house is just at the beginning of cleaning up. So many things to do!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Home Renovation; Done?

I can move back into my house now since the major renovation has been done. Left with the closet and cabinets to be installed but that can wait.

I have been staying at my sister's place in Ampang for 2 weeks now and you can say that I miss PJ. I do love this Ampang area, everywhere is near from my sister's place but I just missed going to Petaling Jaya where I can have my fancy brunch without having to crack my head where to eat and no need to go through DUKE highway all the time -.-

So the house is basically done. Renovation and wiring done. Painting done. Now the hardest part -- cleaning. Before the renovation starts, we packed all our stuff and put it in so many big boxes and now it is time to unload those boxes. A nightmare. I can't wait to get it started so that I can decorate the house and nursery.

It's about time to decorate the nursery. The little guy is coming soon!