Thursday, March 20, 2014

LANA Garden Runway Fashion Show

Last Sunday, LANA joined a fashion show (together with other 3 designers). I was kinda freakin out the last few days before the big event. Feels like there are so many things to do (basically things to remember what I should do LOL).

But, Alhamdulillah, it went well. Even though at first we were very worried that the haze might get worse that Sunday morning, then the rain comes.

There are around 16 models, 8 (or more) makeup artist, and few more photographers. LANA showed the current collections which are the Sparkle Lana (gorgeous sequin skirt with very cooling lining) and raya collections (few of it).

The collections are paired with LANA Scarves (Coming soon ladies!) and LANA Accessories (Available NOW at our website,

Everyone worked so hard, as a team, to make this event successful. Thank you for those who came :)

Few Pictures I managed to take..

LANA Scarves in Silver. Coming soon with more varieties! :D

Check out LANA at Facebook (LIKE here), Instagram (Follow here) and LANA website.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


I would like to share with you guys about this event. A Garden themed fashion show. Our brand, LANA will be joining this fashion show (a small one), to, you know, get more exposure and all.

I REALLY hope you guys can come, my dear bloggers :) 

Free admission, do let me know if you guys wanna come as I will give out the invitation which entitled for goodie bags and exclusive viewing of LANA collections!

 Details are as below:

Venue: TAMAN BUNGA RAYA, Taman Tasik Perdana, KL
Date: 16th March 2014 (Sunday)
Time: Red Carpet 3.30pm / Runway starts at 4pm
Theme: Bila Muslimah Bergaya

There will be a lot of collections you can see, casual attire and some are for raya collections as well. You guys can just COMMENT below with your email address (so that I can contact you easily with the passes) OR EMAIL it straight away to .

Would be awesome to have you guys joining us :D


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Last few days in Jakarta

I am back in KL! My vacation/business trip has come to an end. Tiring but it was fun. Especially when my husband tags along :D I just reached home; quickly clean myself and head on to the office (in the next room TEHEE). I have a lot of things to do. Update so many things. Paperwork and stuff.

And tomorrow, I will be damn busy. Okay I'm done rambling about my work. Let the pictures do the talkin ..

Brought husband to SKYE.
Love the place, it's like our SkyBar. Can see the view of Jakarta.
Love the ambience too.
Food was good.

Brought husband to Magnum Cafe as well.
A must try place. Located in Grand Indonesia.
Definitely better than Dip n Dip -.-

We didn't take many pictures this time. Will probably get myself a smaller camera (but function as good as my DSLR) :S easier to take picture; ringan sikit.

Anyways, have a lovely good night sleep!


Monday, February 24, 2014

Haven't You Heard The News??

Haven't you heard, LANA now carries full sequin long skirt!

Sparkle LANA are crafted from a high quality full on sequin in Blue Gold and high quality sequin jersey; both with linings! Amazing quality and definitely comfortable to wear to any glamorous events!

- Full Lining
- Semi-stretchable waistband
- Back zipper
- Hook closure

Can check out to see the SIZE GUIDE and place an order.

Sparkle LANA Blue Gold is now available to order! Other sequin skirts will be available tomorrow night!

Be sure to check it out yea!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Indonesia Fashion Week 2014

When my sister and I decided to go Jakarta, it's because we wanted to go to IFW 2014! We wanted to see all the brilliant Indonesian designers and trust me, they are brilliant. Beautiful collections. From couture to ready to wear. Amazing! We just love it! We also came here to find inspirations, to see more what are the current trend and such. Too many things that needed to jot down. We had fun, had a bit of shopping too TEHEE (we couldn't resist).

What I wore today:

LANA Black Long Striped skirt. 

The skirt is very cooling, flowy && super comfortable to wear. It is for RM79 only!

Get it at :
IG: @lanawear

Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 @ Jakarta Convention Centre

After IFW, went for tea time at Loewy. A restaurant & a bar, at the lobby of the place we're staying. Love this place.

Hello, Jakarta

Currently I am in Jakarta. Totally last minute plan. Bought the flight ticket yesterday afternoon, and boarded the night flight. Reached Jakarta around 1am. Delayed.

Anyway, will update more what's nice in Jakarta! It's my third time here and I just looove the food. Happy tummy, happy me. says the fat girl -.-

Thursday, February 20, 2014

How To: Style MIDI Skirts

I am sure that many of you saw ladies wearing midi skirts and I can't tell you enough how I love it so much! Not too long, not too short. Gives that feminine look and classy. But wearing it can be a little bit tricky. Petite girls also can wear it with the right kind of accessories and top!


A simply must have! 

"If you are looking for a midi skirt that will suit your feminine sense of style, a full midi skirt is what you need. Midi skirts has a very enchanting and captivating look. Chic and girly and give your whole outfit a nice romantic twist." - Glam Bistro

Couldn't agree more. Been searching high and low for midi skirts but couldn't find the one that I like. And now I proudly present to you ...

LANA Midi Pleated skirts with pockets.
Available in Neon, Pink, Green and White.

Check out and like LANA Facebook page and follow our Instagram @lanawear for quick updates! :D