Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Home Renovation

The house is almost 90% done. I am in the middle of decorating the house and it drives me crazy to go to home decor outlets. There are so many pretty things but not enough space for it haha

Went to Kaison the other day and went crazy. Bought their cushion covers; not so many pretty designs but able to get my hands on the best 4 designs there is. Went to H&M Home and bought myself stripey rug and a throw.

The kitchen is still in the middle of clearing up. I am still waiting for the wardrobe and cabinet to arrive. Then only I can really sort out the boxes.

Living room curtain arrived the other day. And I just love it! Simple and exactly what we wanted it to be. We went to a shop in Bangi; there are a lot of shops in Bangi -- you name it! The price is reasonable and considered cheap including the transportation and installation etc.

I am trying my best to get it all done before the baby pops out! I am in my 35 weeks and hopefully to be done by 37/38 weeks. Who knows, the baby might wants to the see world early :D

Monday, January 19, 2015

Pregnancy Journey : 31 weeks

I had my 31 weeks check up last week and the baby is doing fine. Healthy and active, Alhamdulillah. I mentioned to my doctor that my right side is aching and all and it is normal as the baby grows. Every time I went to see the doctor, it will always a rather short consultation and see the baby's condition.

My doctor will measure the size of the baby's head, abdomen, and the bone in his thigh. The size of the baby is above normal line -- in other words, it is bigger than it should. Nothing bad about it but I have to take it easy with the eating and all. Scared that the baby will be too big :O

Current weight: 2.1 kg
Size: 32 weeks

I will have to start seeing the doctor twice a month now. The due is getting nearer. And the house is just at the beginning of cleaning up. So many things to do!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Home Renovation; Done?

I can move back into my house now since the major renovation has been done. Left with the closet and cabinets to be installed but that can wait.

I have been staying at my sister's place in Ampang for 2 weeks now and you can say that I miss PJ. I do love this Ampang area, everywhere is near from my sister's place but I just missed going to Petaling Jaya where I can have my fancy brunch without having to crack my head where to eat and no need to go through DUKE highway all the time -.-

So the house is basically done. Renovation and wiring done. Painting done. Now the hardest part -- cleaning. Before the renovation starts, we packed all our stuff and put it in so many big boxes and now it is time to unload those boxes. A nightmare. I can't wait to get it started so that I can decorate the house and nursery.

It's about time to decorate the nursery. The little guy is coming soon!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Brand New Year

2015 -- A brand new year.

Resolutions? I don't really keep a fixed resolutions each year. It changes as and when I want it. Like when I think I should be doing something good on a consistent basis, I make a promise to myself to keep doing it. That is part of my resolution. Other than that, normal stuff ie to lose this pregnancy weight, to save up every month etc.

A lot of uncertainty this year. I don't have specific plan what I should be doing but I do have plans -- vague plans. I quit my job cuz of my pregnancy condition and also to take care of my baby after I gave birth. No plans to look for a job yet. To continue my online business but no actions have been done; yet. I guess, go with the flow?

Other than that, 2015 is the year we welcome the little guy. How exciting! :D

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pregnancy Journey : 24 weeks was a scary week

My pregnancy was normal till on my 24th week of pregnancy, well I thought it was. I had bleeding -- not painful, just fresh blood. I was at home when it happened, watching Hunger Games to be exact. I panicked, I called my mom and she gave me few possibilities which freaked me out. I quickly called my husband at work, he got off early and we went to the hospital.

It was around 4.30pm, and my doctor had gone home. Went to the Emergency and they gave me a shot -- to strengthen the pregnancy. I had no clue what was going on, what was the diagnosis. I was worried but to feel the baby is still kicking inside of me makes me relieved, a little.

The doctor in the emergency had to call up my doctor and basically, I have to be admitted that night. I feel okay, but there are still blood brown discharge and it is not good when you are in the second trimester. Their first diagnosis was possibility of miscarriage at 24 weeks.

The nurse kept on coming early in the morning, check on my blood pressure and to hear my baby's heartbeat and it was normal. I was admitted for 3 days and 2 nights. I was not allowed to walk -- just from the bed to the bathroom.

The next day, doctor came in and I told her what I did over the weekend. I went back hometown, attended cousin's wedding and I was busy like a bee that weekend which involves a lot of walking and traveling. The doctor said that was it. I did my checkup on the 23rd and placenta was a bit close to the cervix which was dangerous.

The diagnosis: Low lying placenta.

Every woman should have normal placenta, where it is not so close to the cervix. While for me, my placenta was kinda near to cervix, which looks like the Partial Placenta Praevia. It can be harmful if the placenta did not make its way up because if the baby decides to pops out, will give pressure to the placenta and the blood can just .. rupture? I guess.

Frightening but insyaAllah the placenta will move up as the baby grows. Had my regular checkup and it looks normal again.

That week was scary for me. I cried in the emergency room, had no idea what is wrong inside of me that I could not see but just hoping everything turns out fine. Alhamdulillah, I'm getting better.

My medicine: Bed rest. Cannot travel, walk too much and do too much work.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

24 on the 24th

Just turned 24 this year. When everybody else thinking of turning 25, I just turned 24 :D

December has always been my favorite month. Anniversary, husband's birthday on 21st and mine on the 24th.

It was a simple celebration this year. Told husband I want nothing on my birthday -- just BR ice-cream. 

and I got half a gallon ice cream. Lasted for 4 days only

Later that night, went for sushi dinner with my mother-in-law at Hilton PJ. It was very festive; ya know cuz it's christmas eve. Santa was there too :D

The celebration continues the next day when I went out with two of my bestfriends at Red Lobster, The Intermark. We had a nice meal, talked over anything we could think of and just enjoy the day. And of course, an ice-cream cake hihi

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Tonnes of boxes

Right now, I am in the middle of clearing out my closets, emptied the shelves to make way for the construction workers to do their job. Renovation starts next week. Stressed at the moment -- so many things to think about. Where to put all the stuff, where to live in the meantime, how long will it takes to finish etc. And since I can't move so much or do heavy tasks, I am pretty much hopeless. I only get to help around a little only when my husband is around. Or else, everything stops.

Loads of boxes have been filled with clothes and other things that I can't seem to throw it out. My kitchen space now is jammed.

I really can't wait for all this to end and start decorating the house, the baby room and rearranging furniture.

End of January, come quick.